K-Startup grand challenge result

1% acceptance rate, 2,439 applicant world wide. We did!

Press Release
The Mobile Engagement Platform

Bring messaging and social to your app instantly

Connecting the physical world with Neioo experience

The next generation IoT Marketing Platform to deliver the ultimate O2O experience

The Lean Startup method teaches us how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration.

Enterprise mobile strategy expert

Companies of all sizes are looking at how to leverage mobile to transform their customer relationships and empower their employee productivities. Just as the web became a strategic part of your business a decade ago, mobile will become strategic part of your business tomorrow. Herxun is a funding-backed company that provides strategy services to help enterprise customers build new business channels on mobile platforms.

Design driven development

Herxun’s expertise in user experience design for mobile and web environments is unique in the industry. Our design driven development approach makes applications not only easy to use with beautifully designed but also with user interfaces that increase adoption and drive consumer addiction.

Open Communication and Social platform

Our open communication and social platform is a cloud based mobile backend service, offering an APP the capability to function like Facebook and Line or Wechat but within its own interest graph and people territory. With our SDK, an APP can offer its user base with Messaging, Video/Voice Calling, Notification, Vote, Event, Forum, Circle, and every other social motion and model they'd prefer or re-invent. More over, leveraging Cloud technology,Our product will empower smart APPs connecting people and friends cross biz boundary.

Continuous improvement through closed loop analytics

How to prove the value of your mobile initiatives is a very important KPI to LOBs for convincing C-level executives to continue the investment on mobile innovations. With our deep knowledge and mobile experience management solution, you can gain a deeper understanding of your mobile customer behavior and a comprehensive view into your mobile campaign performance.  So you can quantify the ROI of every mobile project.

“'Mobile innovation is a journey not a result, so you need a strong partner to accompany you!’“
We are confident. Because our happy partners speak for us.
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